Our Beliefs

As a family-owned and operated permit expediter, Express Permits is committed to serving our customers well and with integrity in all we do. We believe, live, and work according to the following:

Nobel Cause

To simplify the permitting process for companies and governments, regardless of the size.

Mission Statement

To provide professional level services while maintaining and practicing our core values and aligning ourselves with other like minded companies and individuals.

Core Values

The bases of core values center around treating others the way we wish to be treated (Luke 6:31). From there, our focus is more specific:

Relationships – at the core of any solidly based organization, building and maintaining relationships is the most important goal.

Integrity – doing the right things each time, whether we prophet or benefit from it.

Professionalism – treating others the way we will to be treated, whether it is on a personal or business level.

Enthusiasm – possess the same attitude and work ethic regardless of the situation (Col 3:23)