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Express Permits can handle all permitting services required and related to ATM machines, whether for installing new units or for replacing or upgrading existing systems.

Depending on the jurisdiction, construction permits are often necessary for both drive-through kiosks and through-the-wall units, including the more specialized interactive teller machines (ITMs) that are popping up post-COVID.

What is an ITM?

Interactive teller machines are a combination of the ATM touch-screens we are all used to, and a kind of live video chat with a teller, who can be based anywhere. The units generally offer the consumer the option to use standard automated teller machine functionality or speak with a teller, who appears on the screen and can talk with the customer to walk them through a  transaction.

Some ITMs allow customers to access their accounts without a debit card, offer chat services for privacy, and are open outside the normal bank hours.

Since these new machines offer customers more banking options without having to enter the bank, they are quickly becoming popular in the COVID era. However, depending on the jurisdiction, installation of these machines often require a permit.

What Kinds of ATMs Require a Permit?

In addition to Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs), there are various types of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), many of which require a permit to install.

Types include:

  • Through the Wall ATMs - This style of ATM is located within a bank's branch and are often installed "through the wall" of the bank, within a drive-through area, or at a walk-up kiosk. One side of the machine faces outside the building, while the back-end is accessible from the inside.
  • Drive up ATMs - Often part of a small kiosk, these machines may be placed in a bank parking lot or near a branch. They are online and directly connected to the bank and may have a curbed drive-through area. Installation of these kiosks and the ATMs they contain require permits.
  • Drive through ATMs - Many banks have a drive-through area with a through-the-wall ATM in one lane and a drive through ATM in another. These ATMs are a cross between a drive up, since they may be contained within their own kiosk, and a through-the-wall, since they act as if they are part of the bank.

Regardless of whether your bank is installing through-the-wall, drive-up or drive-through ATMs, Express Permits can make the process of obtaining the necessary permits for ATM installation fast and easy.

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Express Permits can assist with ATM permits throughout most of the United States. We will research the permits needed in your jurisdiction, submit them, and follow them through their completion. Contact us to learn whether we service your area, below.

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