Columbus, Ohio Building Department Permit Submittal Tips

Submittal Tips for Building Permits in Columbus, Ohio

Anytime a construction project is in the developmental stages, it's imperative to have an understanding of the building permit process.  Express Permits has experience working with commercial construction clients and their building permit needs in the Lower 48 United States and throughout portions of Canada.  Today, we want to discuss our experiences submitting to or working with the Columbus Ohio Planning and Code Enforcement Department. The following information has been helpful in submitting information to the Columbus Ohio Building Department for our clients.  Please feel free to read and respond with any questions you may have.

How to successfully submit building permits in Columbus, Ohio to the Columbus Ohio Building & Code Enforcement Department.

1. Contact the Building Dept
The best way to receive permit submittal information and requirements for the city of Columbus, conduct a search to identify the correct department for submittal.  If you contact the building department either by phone or by email, they are usually responsive to general inquiries.  However, do not expect an immediate response.  This is due to the large volume of permit submittals they receive on a daily basis.  They will respond within a reasonable amount of time, however if you do not hear from them within 48 hours we would suggest contacting them again.

2. Take a ticket
It is possible to submit building permit applications for commercial and residential projects by mail.  However, due to the heavy volume of applications submitted on a daily basis, it is much faster to submit building permit applications in person. Depending on the time of year, submitting the applications in person can save you up to 7 + 10 business days off usual review times.  After you receive your line ticket, you can submit up to three applications at one time.  If you have more than three applications to submit, you will be required to pull another ticket to submit more applications.  In other words, each ticket is good for up to three submittals.  Wait times will vary depending on the amount of applications ahead of you.

3. Plan review timeframe
The State of Ohio requires plans to be reviewed within 30 business days after application submittal.  Receiving a permit over the counter is possible for small residential and some lite commercial projects (window and door replacement, etc).  However receiving an over the counter permit is unlikely if constructing a new building or additions for both residential commercial properties.  It is best to plan for the applicable plan review times before issuing a project start date.

The tips listed above have been found to be beneficial for receiving faster responses and review times.  In our opinion, we would suggest following these steps for successful plan submittal.  If you have any questions or would like assistance with the building permit application process for the state of Ohio, please contact a representative at Express Permits for more details. Our sales office contact number is 877.898.9988 or you can email us at   If you were able to find a more successful way for plan submittal, please feel free share the suggested tips below via social media.

Contact the Columbus OH Building & Zoning Department
111 North Front Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
(P) 614.645.7433
(F) 614.645.0082

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