Hagerstown, Maryland Building Department Permit Submittal Tips

Hagerstown, Maryland Building Permit Submittal Guide & Tips

Anytime a construction project is in the developmental stages, it's imperative to have an understanding of the building permit process.  Express Permits has experience working with commercial construction clients and their building permit needs across the United States and throughout select parts of Canada.  Today, we want to discuss our experiences submitting to or working with the Washington County Maryland Plan and Code Enforcement Department.  The following information has been helpful in submitting information to the Hagerstown Building Department for our clients.  Please feel free to read and respond with any questions you may have.

How to successfully submit to the Washington County (Hagerstown) Maryland Building & Code Enforcement Department.

Do Your Due Diligence

When submitting within the limits of Hagerstown, it may be required to submit to Washington County Building Department.  The county has many layers that have to be addressed for review.  Make sure you identify each department that will require a review for your project.  Be sure to collect names, email addresses and phone numbers for each department and each individual within each department.  This will come in handy when submitting your project.

Be Over Prepared

After the proper steps have been taken to ensure a smooth submittal, it’s a good idea to have additional copies of plans available in case other departments are required for review.  Our example required 12 sets of plans for review at various departments, plus another 3 set for the building plans examiner.  However, we needed yet another unknown set of the plans for the police department/sheriff’s office.  Most plans and applications have to be submitted in person, so plan accordingly.

Be Patient

After your due diligence has been completed and you’re ready to submit the plans to all departments, allow yourself extra time for reviews (or acceptances) to take place.  The site plan usually has to be “accepted”, not approved, before plans can be submitted to other departments.  Plus, you will need emailed acceptances from various departments before submitting to the building department.  This can take some time to develop.  Our submittal experiences usually take 3-4 days of walk-ins and in person submittals and meetings before all departments are in agreement.

The tips listed above we have found to be beneficial in getting a faster response and review times.  We would suggest following these steps for successful plan submittal.  If you have any questions or would like assistance with the plan submittal process, please contact a representative at Express Permits for more details. Our sales office contact number is 877.898.9988 or you can email us at info@expresspermits.net.   If you were able to find a more successful way for plan submittal, please feel free share the suggested tips below.

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