How ICC Certification Improves the Permit Expediting Process

This is the final part in a four-part series regarding the International Code Council and the role it plays in the construction permitting process. See part one here, part two here, and part three here. Contact us to learn how our professional ICC Certification can help your business with its permit needs!

Eight ways International Code Counsel certification improves the permitting expediting process:

Accreditation. People are always trying to sell you something. Verification that someone has the necessary capabilities and resources to do what they say they can do builds trust and sets the baseline for success. ICC certification sets the baseline of what you should be looking for in a permit expediter.

Regulations. The collective set of laws, rules and regulations that are adopted by federal, state or local agencies are designed to regulate the design, construction, operation, maintenance and use of new and existing buildings to ensure public safety. They are also confusing. Hire someone who speaks the language and can navigate it best.

Conformity. Everything that goes into verifying compliance with building construction regulations – including testing, certification, evaluation, plan review and construction inspection – must come out within a standard set of forms by every applicant. Make government agencies work for you, not the other way around. Do it right the first time.

The highest standard. ICC certification ensures that the expediter has the top level of expertise when it comes to the criteria governing the testing, design, construction, installation or other matter associated with particular issues, products, materials and systems.

Information. More is always better, and that applies to knowledge as much as anything else. With shrinking local budgets, companies with ICC certified personnel can work directly with building departments to process forms as well as submit them. This provides even more hands-on experience to help our clients.

Research. The ICC sets the basic code line for what every building industry must follow – nationally and internationally. Every building department branches off of that set of codes, though, adding on items specific to that locality. By clearly understanding the underlying language that ties all codes together, it cuts out much of the digging that goes into the early part of the process.

Speed. Nobody wants to be waiting on forms and processing while a project is ready to move forward. Time is money, and the knowledge needed to obtain ICC certification saves a whole lot of time from start to finish.

Efficiency. Increased haste can sometimes mean sloppiness, though. Moving fast means nothing if forms are kicked back and the process restarted from the beginning because something was missed or left out. ICC certified expediters combine a swift process with the knowledge to do it right the first time, making the most of the time investment.

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