Meet Kim Stark, Permit Coordinator

Meet Kim Stark, Permit Coordinator at Express Permits

Paperwork and solving problems typically aren’t viewed as “enjoyable” in the business world.

But like all jobs, someone has to do it.

Kim Stark, construction permit coordinatorKimberly Stark is Express Permits' newest ICC-Certified Permit Technician. And she doesn’t mind paperwork, if at the end of the day, her customer can breathe a bit easier knowing the proper steps have been followed in receiving a permit.

“I get a sense of pride knowing that I am taking care of an important part of someone’s business,” Kimberly said. “That way, they can focus on what they do best, and I can focus on what I do to add value to their business.”

Kimberly’s daily duties of reviewing sales agreements and specifications to determine if a permit is needed in a particular jurisdiction are what make her the best at what she does for Express Permits. Preparing paperwork for each jurisdiction and submitting applications for permits are just part of her job – a job where she is focused on the customer 100 percent of the time.

Most importantly, she prides herself in maintaining impeccable records of every agreement that crosses her desk in order to ensure that all the steps are being taken to secure a permit in a timely fashion.

Knowing that she is helping a customer in their time of need makes all the difference to Kimberly.

“I do my work proudly knowing that I am adding value,” she said. “Express Permit’s business is to solve other businesses’ problems by being the experts in the permit field.”

By following the permit process for every jurisdiction, Express Permits understands what their expectations are, and can quickly move to submitting the applications so they are processed quickly and easily.

“The jurisdictions like working with us because we spend the time upfront to know what they want; and every location is different,” Kimberly said.

Kimberly credits her background as an office manager for Ryan Homes with her understanding the importance of securing the proper permit. It was also during her time with Ryan Homes when she met Tabitha Todd, now VP/COO and Co-Founder of Express Permits and fellow ICC Certified Permit Technician.

After Kimberly and Tabitha formed a friendship, Kimberly knew she too wanted to work once again with Tabitha.

That is when she decided to become certified as a Permit Technician.

“I value education, and I believe that education and evaluation from a third party is valuable in any industry,” Kimberly said, adding she received her certification from the International Code Council, a leader in the building industry.

President and CEO of Express Permits Steven Todd noted the value and worth ICC Certified Permit Technicians bring to the company.

“Our ICC Certified Permit Technicians provide a sense of integrity, professionalism and enthusiasm to Express Permits while providing expert knowledge in construction permits and building permit requirements,” Steven said.

“It’s having the ICC Certified Permit Technicians working alongside businesses to facilitate the path of nationwide regulations and guide companies through the permitting process faster and more efficient that allows for our clients to go about their day without worrying if their projects have been completed and submitted in a timely manner,” Steven said.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, and with affiliate locations coast to coast, Express Permits’ services are available through the United States and select areas of Canada.

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