Prince George County, Maryland Permit Guide & Tips

Anytime a construction project is in the developmental stages, it's imperative to have an understanding of the building permit process.  Express Permits has experience working with commercial construction clients and their building permit needs across the United States and throughout select portions of Canada.  Today, we want to discuss our experiences submitting to or working with Prince George’s County (MD) Permit and Code Enforcement Department.  The following information has been helpful in submitting information to the Building Department for our clients.  Please feel free to read and respond with any questions you may have.

How to submit to the Prince George’s County (MD) Building and Code Enforcement Department.

The Submittal Process
Whether your project is for new construction or tenant improvement, the County has several departments available for review.  The building office has three different sections for submittal and review (A, B, S).  Upon submittal, a member of the staff will check you in and assign a review number (ticket).  If you’re sent to the incorrect department, the clerk will resubmit your number to the correct department for review.  This process could take 2 to 3 attempts before landing in front of the correct reviewer, so be patient.

To Ship or Submit in Person
Though the building department does accept permit submittals via parcel services (UPS, FEDEX, USPS), this does not necessarily mean your application will be received and processed. Due to the sheer size of the office and volume of permit applications received on a daily basis, it is possible for a parcel package to become lost in the shuffle.  It is best to submit all applications in person to avoid potential confusion and help speed up the review process. The same would apply if submitting applications via email or through the county’s website.

4:00PM = 3:00PM
The building department advertises the hours of operation on the website being from 8:00AM to 4:00PM EST. However, if you’re attempting to walk in after 3:00PM, the entry doors will be locked and a member of the staff will have to let you in.  Usually, once inside the staff will only answer questions and suggest you come back during regular business hours.  Should you happen to be in the building department before 3:00PM and have not yet spoke with a reviewer, they will usually honor your request since your service ticket was issued before the 3:00PM cutoff line.

Method of Payment
The building department accepts checks and credit cards as a form of payment.  If paying by check, it is best to fill it out in person due to the variations in permit fees.  If your check was issued before the in person submittal and the amount is incorrect, a new check will be required.  Though the building department does accept credit card as payment, they will not accept two forms of payment for one transaction (a combination of both check & credit card).  There will be a processing fee added to the total if using a credit card, fees will be determined at the time of payment.

These tips listed above we have found to be beneficial in getting a faster response and review times.  In our opinion, following these steps may help for a successful plan submittal.  If you have any questions or would like assistance with the plan submittal process, please contact a representative at Express Permits for more details. Our sales office contact number is 877.898.9988 or you can email us at   If you have a more successful way for plan submittal, please feel free share the tips below.

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