Remote work and cloud storage go hand-in-hand

Remote Work & Cloud Storage Go Hand in Hand

Let Express Permits store and submit your paperwork through our cloud service

Access to data is more important than ever these days.

Even with offices closed and millions of workers suddenly displaced or working from home because of the Covid-19 outbreak, businesses must remain fast and flexible and be able to work as efficiently as possible. Some construction may have been paused temporarily, but the world won’t be shut down forever, so planning and permit submittals must carry on.

But you need to be to access information.

Saving plans and records to a private server, on an internal network, or inside filing cabinets doesn’t help anyone when non-essential commutes are prohibited. And if you can’t get to your data, work grinds to a halt.

That’s why every customer who works with Express Permits has access to its cloud-based server to house, maintain, and submit all plans and paperwork throughout the permitting process.

Cloud-based servers utilize virtual technology to offer powerful and secure IT operations that are highly adaptable.

Our server is backed up regularly, so you don’t need to worry about losing anything, and because the storage is digital, you can access it from anywhere at any time.

By contrast, companies that choose to maintain their own servers or continue to store paperwork in filing cabinets need the space, people, and infrastructure to preserve and access information. These methods tend cost more and are less efficient. Also, with one virus or fire, it could be all gone.

The cloud, instead, offers productivity and peace of mind along with speed of service because everything remains in one easily accessible – albeit virtual – space. And because the cloud software is hosted by us, you don’t need to worry about maintenance, compatibility or upgrades at the local, state or federal level that may cause slowdowns in your permitting process.

“We have the ability to submit paperwork to building departments as projects move through the permitting stages,” said Steve Todd, owner and CEO of Express Permits. “You can be assured of fast response times in order to meet all of your deadlines.”


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By using Express Permit’s cloud service, your project gets the care it deserves. Your files stay organized and accessible, and we can easily accommodate even the largest files required for submittals.

Public cloud sharing services such as DropBox, One Drive, and Google Drive can quickly become muddled as files from throughout your company clutter the available space and compete for attention, and the cost of additional space to store large files can quickly add up.

Many municipalities offer a limited server storage capacity and can’t receive many large files simultaneously, so the bandwidth offered by shared services often can be substandard.

“Cloud service is not designed to completely replace the personal touch that comes with delivering plans and paperwork by hand,” Todd said. “But with Express Permits, your information will always receive the care it deserves. Once the permit has been issued, we hold the permit and application in stasis for as long as the company needs it,” he added. “You will always know where your information is and be able to get to it – even when a crisis prevents you from getting to your office or job site.”

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