Special Event Permits in Cleveland, Ohio: Getting in Early

Big events are heading to Cleveland, Ohio, within the next few years – the NCAA Men’s Basketball first and second round Tournament in 2020, the NFL Draft in 2021 and the NBA All-Star Game in 2022.

And, at each event, media outlets from all over the United States and world will be stationed on-site either advertising or broadcasting the mega-event. But, what many may not realize is that media outlets will most likely require a stage, plus a cover from the weather to protect from sun, rain or even snow.

According to President and CEO of Express Permits Company, Inc. Steve Todd, mega-event planners that are planning outdoor entertainment or advertising for an upcoming indoor event will need to secure a permit for a stage, large tent, or canopy.

“Usually within any major market, a permit is going to be required for any type of special event that may be taking place, especially one that will be televised throughout the United States and the World,” Steve said.


Recently, Express Permits assisted a company by helping the event planner obtain a special event permit for both a 164' x 106' and 100' x 40' clear tents to be erected in front of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in downtown Cleveland for the 2019 MLB All-Star Game.

“For these particular tents, the City of Cleveland required review from Building, Zoning and Fire departments before approval of the special event permit,” Steve said.

Ohio isn’t the only state where Express Permits help clients obtain the correct permit.

“We have been approached to conduct these types of permits for major sporting events in various parts of the United States in the past, so this particular project was something our staff was familiar with,” Steve said.

Steve cautioned that if a permit is not applied for and received, the city where the event is being held has the right to prevent any construction or landscape aggravation that has not yet been reviewed and approved.

“The usual reasons are for both the safety of construction installers and visitors,” Steve explained as to why permits are not only needed, but required.

“When it comes to permits, the typical review time in the State of Ohio is 30 days. Yet, through Express Permits’ relationship with Cleveland, as well as with other cities, we can help speed up the permit process,” Steve said.

“Our knowledge of local permit regulations is unmatched. No matter the location of your construction site, or special event, we will make sure you are taken care of. It’s important to us that a permit is obtained the right way, because permits keep everyone safe, legal and in compliance with building regulations and codes,” Steve said.

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