Commercial HVAC Permitting Services

Commercial HVAC Permitting

At Express Permits, we handle all permitting tasks related to commercial HVAC systems, including rooftop units (RTUs) – which are generally designed to connect to ductwork and distribute cooled or heated air within select areas of a building.

While RTUs are generally compact, self-contained units, their installation still requires construction and building permits in most jurisdictions nationally.

What is an RTU?

RTU stands for "Rooftop Unit." They are self-contained HVAC units that are placed on the roof, generally of a commercial building. While there are other types of HVAC systems that can be installed on a roof, an RTU is different because it is one "box" that includes all of the elements necessary for a heating/cooling system, including AC evaporator and condenser coils, the AC compressor, a heat source, an intake source, and a fan that blows the heated or cooled air through the duct system.

RTUs have become popular choices for commercial buildings because they are simpler to install, take up less space – and are placed in what is typically underutilized space – and generally use less energy than conventional HVAC systems.

Of course, there are some disadvantages to placing an HVAC system on the roof. First, they may be more exposed to the elements, including animal infestations. But, more importantly, they can be difficult to access for maintenance and repair.

Do RTUs Require a Permit?

Regardless of the pros and cons of RTUs, installation requires a permit in nearly every jurisdiction with a building department. Requirements will vary, of course, but will often look at things like the roof height and structural integrity, if the roof is sloped and to what degree, placement of the RTU to allow sufficient venting, and permits related to the associated electrical work.

Service Areas

Express Permits can assist with RTU and HVAC permitting throughout most of the United States. We will research the permits needed in your jurisdiction, submit them, and follow them through to completion. Contact us to learn whether we service your area, below.

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