Permitting Services

The building permit process can be challenging, frustrating and tedious. Our goal is to make it simple.

How? By handling the legwork for you and offering a variety of permitting services customized to your needs and budget.

Our primary goal is to provide better, more effective permitting services.  Not only do we specialize in building permits, we pride ourselves on customer service and customer retention.  We want to build long-lasting relationships with each of our clients, which, in turn, allow us to better understand our clients’ needs. We want our customers to hear us smiling over the phone and in emails, for we strive to create a positive atmosphere in every conversation.  We simply want to make your every-day processes and procedures easier.

We take this same relationship-focused attitude when working with city planning departments. Because they know us and trust the accuracy and attention to detail of our paperwork, they enjoy working with us, and the entire application and submittal process goes that much more smoothly.

Get started with our customized permitting services, including: