Permitting Services

Outsourced Permit Management & Expediting

The building permit process can be challenging, frustrating and tedious. Our goal is to make it simple.

How? By handling the legwork for you and offering a variety of permitting services customized to your needs and budget.

Our primary goal is to provide better, more effective permitting services. Not only do we specialize in building permits, we pride ourselves on customer service and customer retention. We want to build long-lasting relationships with each of our clients, which, in turn, allow us to better understand our clients’ needs. We want our customers to hear our professionalism over the phone and in emails, for we strive to create a positive atmosphere in every conversation. We simply want to make your every-day processes and procedures easier.

We take this same relationship-focused attitude when working with city planning departments. Because they know us and trust the accuracy and attention to detail of our paperwork, they enjoy working with us, and the entire application and submittal process goes that much more smoothly.

Permit Management

Our basic permit management services include researching the jurisdiction (if necessary – we already work in many locations throughout the United States), completing all of the necessary forms, gathering any authorizations needed, submitting the applications, following the permit through the approval process, handling corrections as necessary, and shipping the finalized permit to your location or job site. We’ll also archive copies of your permits at our location as a backup for situations where permits are misplaced or not readily available. And we’ll provide detailed weekly reports regarding the status of all your submittals and permits.

Permit Expediting

Our permit expediting service allows us to turn permits around more quickly in one of several ways. First, because of our multiple affiliate locations, we can provide physical presence at the city planning department where necessary, and, with our network of approved couriers, we can also expedite shipping of completed building permits. Lastly, if you are rolling out multiple sites, we can store your plans and drawings on-site to expedite submittals.

Online/ePermit Submittals

Online permit applications – or epermits – are a growing trend, with some municipalities steering or even requiring submittals to come in online. The idea is that online applications expedite permit approval or save contractors time. Unfortunately, the reality is that they can bring their own set of challenges in terms of technology requirements, training, and time commitment. At Express Permits, we have experience with online submittal platforms, have the necessary training or certification to use them in many cities, and are ready to handle the process for you.

Outsourced Permit Staffing

Hiring new permit technicians can be challenging, especially if your work is seasonal or affected by the economy (and whose isn’t?). Finding the right person, providing training, ensuring you have the right balance of demand to resources – all of these are frustrating, time consuming, and expensive. So, why bother? Instead, outsource your construction permitting work to Express Permits. You can think of us as an off-site employee – one who is already trained and ICC certified and who you only have to pay for work performed! We can accommodate any work you’d normally assign to a permit manager on an as-needed basis.

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Our permit services quickly pay for themselves in saved time, reduced labor expense, and eliminated mistakes. If you’re ready to learn more and would like to request a quote from us, contact us today!
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