Questions About Our Permit Services?Find the answers here.

Why should I outsource my permit management?

Express Permit’s reliability, speed, and reasonable prices can make the decision to outsource your permit services very easy. In fact, our clients find the return on their investment so attractive that they wonder why  they ever handled permit management themselves. Learn more here.

What is the difference between a permit expeditor and permit manager?

Firms that handle building permit services are called many things, including permit expeditor, permit manager, permit consultant, and even “runners.” The terms can be confusing and even misleading. In the end, it doesn’t matter what the company is called. Instead, the important thing is what level of service they provide. At Express Permits, we customize our service to your budget and needs, and can provide everything from simple running (handling the drop-off and pick-up of forms) to expediting to full-service permit management. Learn more about our services here.

Do you know the regulations in my area?

With our headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, and affiliate locations across the United States, Express Permits is comfortable with the regulations in hundreds of local, county, and regional governments. What’s more, if we don’t already know the regulations, our 15+ years of experience in permit management makes it simpler and faster for us to do the necessary research. See our locations here or contact us to learn more about your specific location.

How quickly can you turn a permit around?

Each situation varies and depends on the speed of the planning department we are working with, but Express Permits focuses on making the entire process as fast as possible. In many cases, our existing relationships with planning departments and our knowledge of best practices for permit management can make the process move much more quickly than it otherwise would.

How much does your service cost?

The simple answer to this question: it depends. Our permit services are completely customizable to your needs and budget, and we can work with you to provide a volume discount if applicable. The best way to learn about pricing is to contact us to request a quote.

Can you store my drawings at your location and pull permits for new projects as needed?

Absolutely! One of the unique services we provide is for contractors who are rolling-out plans in multiple locations. We can store your plans at our site so that a simple phone call or email with the location of the next job site is all it takes to get your permit project rolling. Learn more about this and our other permit expediting services here.