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File County Recorded Documents Electronically

Express Permits now offers Express Recorder, a paperless eRecording process that saves our clients time and money when filing electronic Notice of Commencement recordings.

More than 2,500 U.S. counties – covering 90 percent of the U.S. population – offer the option to record N.O.C. documents electronically. By removing the need for paper forms and standing in line at county offices, approval happens quicker, and business continues moving forward.

The benefits of eRecording include:

  • Enhanced communication. Processing and feedback from county clerks and other government officials using this process are available in real time, whether to allow the documents to move forward or alert the filer toward any required changes and missing information. See updates as they happen.
  • Integration. Express Recorder works alongside title systems to efficiently merge data and update documents that are routing back and forth between the client and the county database. This way, Express Recorder automatically stays on top of items as they make their way through government systems.
  • Security. A complete audit trail of every action is instantly available, and data is secured in an encrypted system.
  • Notifications. Alerts share when any updates, status changes or other account activity occurs with recorded documents, giving Express Recorder the proper heads up to address any corrections or move everything along down the line.

What is Express Recorder?

At this time, Express Recorder is for filing Notice of Commencements. We're growing it to be an all-in-one eRecording solution for mortgages, closings, titles and other document delivery in real estate transactions. This eliminates the need for back-and-forth emails and phone calls, reducing the chance of error and delays by bringing all documents and disclosures into one secure place.

Through Express Recorder, we connect our clients with thousands of county recorder, treasurer and auditor offices across the United States. Filings instantly transfer, eliminating the need for couriers, mail services and shipping companies, thus reducing the need for postage and other shipping costs.

By creating a workflow that automatically routes documents for review, signing and recording, everyone stays in the loop. Once filed for eRecording, individuals have full visibility into the process to know status, updates and the estimated time required. Any requested changes or rejections are sent immediately.

How it Works

eRecording is more than just converting a paper document to electronic data. Creating an eRecord allows our clients to create, sign, transmit, file, archive and update records without the need for paper at all.

This fast-tracks the process, saving time, reducing risk and lowering costs. By removing paper, steps that took manual labor and review are now automatically processed and recorded, eliminating potential delays.

  • Information is either scanned or directly inputted into the system.
  • Data is encrypted and transferred security via the internet to its destination.
  • The government worker reviews the documents for recordability.
  • With one click, the information is recorded, stamped, archived and a notification is sent to the submitter.
  • Fees are automatically calculated and transferred electronically.
  • If rejected, the issue(s) are flagged and returned to the submitted for corrections.

Service Areas

Express Permits can facilitate your eRecording through Express Recorder in the more than 2,500 counties that accept electronic filing. Fill out the form below email us at to learn whether the service is available in your area and get started today.

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