Why Outsource Your Permit Management

When you’ve been handling your own permit management, making the decision to trust someone else on this essential part of your business can be tough. However, Express Permit’s reliability, speed, and reasonable prices can make the decision much simpler! So why outsource your permit service at all? Several reasons:

Cost Savings

Permit expeditors have a reputation for being expensive. However, when you calculate the return on investment of using Express Permits, you’re sure to see savings in terms of time, money, and frustration.

Many city planning departments are dealing with reduced staff and higher workloads due to budget cut. As a result, permit reviews may take longer and require more monitoring to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes. When you calculate the amount of time your employees spend dealing with the permit process, fines from mistakes and errors,  the overhead of having more employees on staff, and training time for staff to learn local regulations, the cost of Express Permit’s services is far less expensive.


With nearly 10 years in the permit service business and locations across the United States, Express Permits understands local regulations, has an unmatched attention to detail, and has a proven method for tracking permits through approval.


Our permit expeditor services can make the entire permit process faster. Our multiple locations across the U.S. mean that you don’t need to spend time researching local regulations, our couriers can deliver permits faster, and we can store your drawings and plans in our location in order to eliminate processing time.